Custom Fire Features

Oasis Custom Concrete Designs loves a nice warm fire on a cool, crisp, New England night, like most New Englanders.

Bring your backyard to life with one of our custom designed fire pits or fire tables.

The designs are limitless, so call or email  for your free design consultation today.

Oasis Stardust lit
The Stardust Fire Table is a One of a Kind fire feature created by OASIS. With its unique design, this table presents an acid stained river of polished embedded glass.

This particular fire table features a 24″ gas burner compatible with LP or NG.

Oasis Lit Crater 1
The Crater Fire Pit is a monolithic style pit that appears to be a single solid block of stone. This Pit measures 39″x 36″x 12″ in height. It houses an 18″ double ring burner and 70 pounds of fireglass inside its 24″ crater hole design.

The Crater is a Trademarked design available by O.A.S.I.S.

White disc pit
Elegance is a Titanium white disc style fire pit available only through special order with OCC Designs.
Black fire glass lit closeup
Not all glass is fire glass… Special glass is required in all of Oasis Fire Features.
Ebony pit and Block and Bench seat
This is “Ebony”… Ebony is a natural stone finished, monolithic Fire Pit, designed by Oasis. Ebony was named due to the actual Ebony wood embeds in the surfaces of the Pit itself. Ebony wood is a very rare wood, indigenous to Africa and Indonesia, and is one of the most impervious woods on the planet. It also sinks in water, as it is very heavy and dense.

Accompanying the Ebony Fire Pit in the above picture, is a collaboration of our Custom Oasis block seat and a retractable reclaimed wooden bench seat.

Ebony pit lit closeup
Ebony houses a 24″ gas T-burner system and approximately 15-20 pounds of Zircon Diamond Luster fire glass.
GFRC Firepit Wood you believe
“Wood U Believe”…. is a special Fire Pit made completely from Concrete alone… This Fire Pit has the uncanny appearance of a reclaimed wood base, when in fact, it is 100% concrete.
Wood look pit top close up
This Custom textured, sand stone top is one of OCC’s signature fire top designs…

*Available as a fire table or fire pit feature by special request.